History of Fatsa CCI

In old "Yalı Coffe House" building
Fatsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Found in 1900’s , Fatsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is known as Fatsa Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in old records . The oldest records of Chamber traces back to 1923’s.Lazeri Efendi who is from Greek Origin, is the first known Board Chairman of Fatsa CCI.Between the dates 1902-1903 , The Chairman of Fatsa CCI was Demircizade Mustafa Bey. The Main acivities of Chamber which had been effective in the socio-economic life of Fatsa after the proclamation of the Republic are written above.

Instruction Manual of Hazelnut

Board Members , met on 25 September 1923 , accepted Instruction Manual of Hazelnut by unanimious vote. Instruction Manual of Hazelnut has implied the precautions about producing high quality hazelnuts. It was decided to market hazelnut by separating its sorts and protecting it from moisture.The enforcement of the decision was carried out by the Chamber and the municipal police.

Instruction Manual of Hemp

Board Members, met on 30 May 1951 , defined the speciality of the Hepms to be exported by taking the control of inspection of Hemp Trade. According to the Instruction Manual of Hemp , the product will be totally dried, It won’t contain moisture and the product will not be tangled.