About Fatsa

Fatsa, which is located in the Central Black Sea Region of Ordu province, has a total population of 114,940 and has 89 neighborhoods.

History of Fatsa, dating back to the 1st century, was an important port under the sovereignty of the Hacıemiroğulları Principality in the 14th century. Fatsa became an district center in 1876 and was connected to Ordu in 1921.


Fatsa, which is 10 meters high from the sea, does not have large plains except for the coastal and river environments. In the district, which is open to northern winds, fishing shelters were built in the center, Yalıköy and Bolaman in order to support fishing. The summers are hot in summers and cool and rainy in winters. Forests cover 20% of the county land.


Economic life in the district is based on agriculture and fishing. In contrast to the ports in the surrounding provinces and districts, the pier in the district is as busy as the harbors and constitutes support for the district economy as it has a very suitable structure for anchoring and loading and unloading of very high tonnage vessels. Hazelnut is an important source of income. Corn production is also a source of income. In recent years, greenhouse cultivation, culture mushrooming, fattening, dairy cattle and poultry have also developed. Improvements are observed in the field of vegetable and fruit production. Fishing also has an important place in the economic structure of the district.